We loved seeing our local Marathon stations in the news. If you aren't familiar with these Triangle Stops yet, you should be! As quoted from Marathon Corporation News:

Five of [the] 10 Triangle Stop convenience stores so far now feature microbrewery offerings, featuring local brews that are rotated through the taps. Customers can sit and enjoy a glass of brew, or take it out with them sealed in one-quart growlers. [They have] branded the new concept as Mountain River Tap. "There’s definitely a local cachet to this, noted Beau Waddell. “The area is home to several craft breweries, and the idea that the brews are made right down the street makes it cool for customers,” he says. Waddell says their goal is to have beer and cider on tap that you can’t buy in bottles or cans. “Our taps feature offerings from a total of 40 different breweries, and we have a total of 60 taps between the five stores,” said Waddell. “Our associates are trained to ask people what they drink on a regular basis, so they can match them up with something they will like.”

Here are some ads/posters we did for Mountain River Tap & Growlers. This particular location (on Airport Road) has become a destination for Asheville Airport travelers. Go check them out!

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Some of our clients were involved in a recent coloring contest at the Blue Ridge Mall. The community came out to support their favorite local organization on by helping color murals and also by shopping on their behalf and showing receipts to help them win shopping points. Our client, Western Carolina Community Action was awarded best mural by the judges! There is still a community choice category and the public is encouraged to vote online until March 13 at

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More news from one of our clients...The Henderson County Solid Waste Division will resume its annual Household Hazardous Waste collections this spring, and will add paint recycling.

The Paint Recycling Program will operate at the Transfer Station during the same dates and times. All paint and paint-related materials (except spray paints) incur a $2 per gallon container fee, regardless of the amount within.

Dried and solid paints are not accepted. Please note there is a 30-gallon per individual per event limit on paint recycling during this program. Details on paint purchasing and proper disposal outside of this program are available online at

The Transfer Station is located at 191 Transfer Station Drive, Hendersonville.The Henderson County Solid Waste Division will resume its annual Household Hazardous Waste collections this spring.

Read more here. Or here.

We are proud to work with Henderson County's recycling programs. The new food waste program is getting a lot of participation! Read this BlueRidge Now article to learn more details... but here's a list of the items than can and cannot be accepted.
Acceptable items for the program include:
breads and pastas, coffee/tea grounds, paper filters/tea bags, cooked meat, fish and poultry, bones (cooked only), herbs and greens, eggshells and dairy, grains and cereals,fruits and vegetables, leftovers and scraps, rice and beans, compostable containers, cut flowers and stems, paper towels and napkins, soiled pizza boxes and paper bags, uncoated paper cups, plates, and wax paper
Unacceptable items include:
aluminum foil, cans, ash or coal, bathroom products and baby wipes, chewing gum, glass, household trash, liquid cooking oil, pet waste, fur, hair, plastic containers, bags, film, raw meat, recyclables, steel cans, straws, plastic silverware, plates, textiles, tobacco products


We recently assisted with the promotion of the need for a new library in Fletcher for Friends of the Fletcher Library.  Read more about why a new library is needed in the news article here.