What is Google My Business?

Think of it like a yellow page listing, except its free! It acts like a portal to find your website, your phone number, your address and Google Reviews. It is a great tool that your business should be maximizing to help folks find out more about your business.

What Google My Business Isn’t

A Google My Business should not be confused with the organic SEO for your website. Although they are similar, they are two different tools. Your organic SEO is what drives your website or pages of your website to show up in the search engine’s organic or free areas. Look for more info about SEO in another post.

Google My Business should not be confused with SEM or Search Engine Marketing, these are the ads you often see at the top or bottom of search return. Again, we’ll do another post that talks about SEM.

Now what should you do with your Google My Business page?

First, make sure you claim it if you haven’t done so already. You will need a gmail account if you don’t have one already, but those are free and easy to set up.

It's possible that Google has already found your business and partially set up a GMB page for you that just needs to be claimed. Otherwise, you can let Google know that you are business and set yourself up. Also, its important to know that you can set up a GMB page even if your business doesn’t have a physical address...for instance you may work out of your home but don’t want to use your home address as a pin on a map.

Also keep in mind that you can set up multiple locations within your account, which is very handy if your business has more than one store.

Next, make sure you go through and complete all of the sections for your GMB. This does take a bit of time, especially if you have multiple products or services that you want to list, but it's worth the effort.
And here’s a quick hint...make sure your address, phone number, etc all EXACTLY match what you have on your website...if you are at N. Justice Street make sure that both places show N. Justice Street rather than one showing N. Justice and one showing North Justice.


Google My Business is a great tool to help your clients find your website, phone number and physical location, but it only works if you have taken the time to set it up.