We work with clients on both a project basis and an ongoing retainer basis.  Projects, like a logo design or website build, have a finite beginning and ending date. As such, projects are typically quoted on a fixed-cost basis with specific parameters.  

When we execute a client's marketing strategy, we typically charge a monthly retainer that includes all aspects of our work, from strategy and coordination to copywriting and graphic design. A fixed retainer allows our clients to budget an exact amount each month with the peace of mind of knowing it will not be exceeded. 

Because no two businesses are exactly the same, how we work depends on your businesses goals and needs.  During your initial consultation we will learn enough about your business and marketing needs to provide you with a proposal for how we suggest partnering.  Your entire Summit Marketing team huddles weekly to discuss all projects, jobs and tasks that are currently active with our clients.  Not only does that give you the peace of mind in knowing that the entire team is aware, but it ensures that no project gets stalled with road blocks that another team member can help overcome.