We are proud to work with Henderson County's recycling programs. The new food waste program is getting a lot of participation! Read this BlueRidge Now article to learn more details... but here's a list of the items than can and cannot be accepted.
Acceptable items for the program include:
breads and pastas, coffee/tea grounds, paper filters/tea bags, cooked meat, fish and poultry, bones (cooked only), herbs and greens, eggshells and dairy, grains and cereals,fruits and vegetables, leftovers and scraps, rice and beans, compostable containers, cut flowers and stems, paper towels and napkins, soiled pizza boxes and paper bags, uncoated paper cups, plates, and wax paper
Unacceptable items include:
aluminum foil, cans, ash or coal, bathroom products and baby wipes, chewing gum, glass, household trash, liquid cooking oil, pet waste, fur, hair, plastic containers, bags, film, raw meat, recyclables, steel cans, straws, plastic silverware, plates, textiles, tobacco products