The Summit Team is proud to work with the newly formed Pisgah Conservancy!  Their website launched this week and you will soon see their bumper stickers and brochures popping up all over western North Carolina.  


From the Graphic Design desk....
Early in my first few days of art school, I was given what seemed like an easy assignment.  Our professor ask us to bring in our very best creative piece.  It could be a sketch, sculpture, painting, whatever was our favorite piece.  As class began, we were instructed to take our work to the front of the classroom.  Everyone felt a sense of accomplishment.  After all, it was art school and these were other artists.  One by one we were called to the front to stand by our masterpiece.

Snow is covering the rooftops this morning. It’s not quite December, but Old Man Winter has come knocking. It got me thinking about how some people tend to let their marketing and advertising go dormant in the winter.

I grew up in a family that always grew a garden. In fact, we had two huge gardens just for the four of us. The gardening season seems pretty long when you are preparing the ground, planting the seeds, dealing with the weeds and harvesting. Not to mention the freezing and canning.

But even after the garden has stopped producing, that not the end of it. Planning and preparation must take place in the meantime for next year’s garden. Sometimes we wanted different vegetables or different varieties of what we had, and we needed to search for them. Sometimes we needed additional tools or wanted to refine our garden plan to make it more efficient.

I guess what I’m saying is that you can grow a great garden from seeds that you plant in the “slow season”. Lay the groundwork now...reflect on what worked and what didn’t. Spring will be here before you know it.

It often seems that clients tend to notice the negative. People can go months with good service, but if there is one problem, it can cause fury. It’s just human nature.

But, customers do also notice the positive.

They notice when you treat them well in order to encourage them to become a client, but then continue to once you have won them as a customer.

They notice when you say their urgent order will be shipped on schedule, but you manage to get it ready a day early.

They notice if you acknowledge them as an integral part of your success.

They definitely notice when you are more focused on what’s in it for them, than what’s in it for you.

Not every client complains to you when they are getting less than stellar service. However, they are far more likely to complain to others and even move their business to a competitor.

Conversely, not every client lets you know when you are providing exceptional service to them. But... they are much more likely to remain a client of yours and to recommend your services to their friends.

And that is the best thank you that you can get.


What does it mean? Well, I just looked it up on and the definition listed is “being of high quality.” Seriously, folks? You can’t define a word using the word! But that’s the problem with the word quality.

Ask a business person about their product or service and they will inevitably include the adjective “quality.”


Sigh. The world may never know.