It’s a valid question, and one that really needs to considered.

When you own, or are deeply involved in your business, it’s really difficult to not get wrapped up in it. We often think that people are poring over every word in an ad, or we spend hours trying to make sure we’ve packed in all the information that we want to get across.

But here’s the deal. We are, for the most part, a fast-moving, fast-acting society. We channel surf, we skim, we jump from website to website, we get halfway through a song on our iPods and switch to the next one. How many seconds do we give telemarketers before hanging up? It’s my particular pet peeve, but I’d have to say around 3!

In marketing, it’s our job to “hit em quick, and hit em hard.” They don’t want to know everything about the business...they want to know how the business benefits them. They can get the details later, if they even need them. In fact, are you still reading this, or should I have used a bullet point format? ;)