TPS Landscaping


For over 20 years, The Potting Shed and TPS Landscaping have been providing landscape and lawn maintenance services to clients throughout Western North Carolina. So when owner Al Falzone came to SMG for marketing help, we knew it was a brand and a marketing process we needed to build.

Starting with a unique, iconic logo and then moving on to produce a brand new website, mailers, and even door hangers, Summit launched the face of what has now become known as TPS Landscaping. These pieces have enabled us to stay in touch with current clients (and broaden services to them), as well as make their neighbors aware of who TPS Landscaping is, what they do, and just how much they can enhance your lawn and garden.

Over the past year, TPS has utilized Summit Marketing to handle all of their content marketing efforts.  Not only does this include ongoing projects such as social media management and e-newsletters, but also includes video content to show off their work and add content to their marketing efforts.



TPS5169 March OFFER 6x9PC 1

proof TPS4001 Doorhanger 1