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Established in 1932, the BOYD name was synonomous with great service, a relaxed sales process, community support and great integrity.   Lots of great adjective for a strong position in the fact too many to name in any one ad.  So the creative team at Summit summarized all of these into The Carolina Way and began the process building it into the BOYD brand.  The Summit team then set out to build consistency and continuity into the BOYD marketing plan.  We ensured that new creative was developed within the first few days of each month to correspond with each nameplate's (Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac) most attractive offers and then delivered the creative across platforms within the first week of the month. No small task when you consider that print, radio, TV, internet, social media and merchandising make up the platforms.  

The results, every month our various media reps tell us how amazed they are at how the Summit team delivers fresh content faster than anyone else, that perfectly runs in sync with the regional and national advertisers.  They call it amazing, we call it another day at the office.

 BOYD5083 728x90 TN HPTO Lowmileage

BOYD5083 728x90 BlackFriday

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