Digital Advertising

Reach New Heights with Digital Advertising

Let’s face it: most of us spend many hours a day on our smart phones, computers and tablets, and we are constantly bombarded by ads. In fact, recent studies show that we see anywhere from 4,000 – 10,000 online ads each day. So how do you know if your digital ads are reaching the right audience and if your audience is even paying attention to them?


While just about anyone can place digital ads, Summit actually gets results!  We were one of the first Google Partners in our region, and we continue to stay on the cutting edge of digital advertising by using all of the most current tools and metrics.

Whether it’s search advertising, display advertising, remarketing, or sponsored ads, Summit can:

  • Create effective messaging and eye-catching design for your ads.
  • Strategically place and manage your ads to ensure they’re getting the best return for your investment.
  • Whenever possible, help you tie ad performance back to actual sales revenue, so you can make informed advertising decisions.
  • Speak to you about your digital advertising in layman’s terms, with easy-to-follow reporting tools that clearly show the performance of your ads.

Our advertising costs are not based on circulation numbers, traffic counts, or per-thousand impressions that you find in media such as magazines, TV and radio, and most online ads.

Summit offers pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, where you only pay when someone actively engages with the ad by clicking through to your website.  No contract is required, and we can work within your budget, making PPC the perfect form of advertising for any business – small, medium, large, or seasonal.

Let Summit create digital ads for your business that will stand out from the crowd! Call us today to begin the process of creating a digital ad strategy that will get you noticed and bring you the most return for your investment.