Email Marketing

Elevate Leads & Sales Through Email Marketing

Email marketing is a small business’s best friend. For a relatively small investment, you can reach a large number of potential customers and retain current ones.

More than half of the world uses email, and most people check their emails on their mobile phones. Think about it — every time someone checks their phone is an opportunity for you to get your message out to them.

Email marketing is

  • Flexible – it allows you to tailor your message for specific audiences.
  • Easy to measure – a click of a button allows you to view open and click-through rates so you can quickly see which messages are working and which aren’t.


Our content and design professionals will elevate your brand and lift your sales with emails that consistently exceed industry averages in open and engagement rates. From monthly e-newsletters to one-time information-based blasts, we can tailor an email marketing plan that will help you reach the right audience with the right message. We’ll advise you of best practices and help you avoid common email marketing mistakes. Best of all, your email marketing plan won’t cost a fortune.

  • Our Content is Compelling.
    Summit’s Email Campaigns open rates that exceed industry averages.
    Summit: 34%. Industry average: 21%
  • Our Calls to Action are Convincing.
    Summit’s Email Campaigns consistently earn above average click through rates.
    Summit Click-through Rates: 6%. Industry Average Click Through Rates: 2.62%
  • We Earn More Business for You.
    Summit’s Email Campaigns earn a subscriber increase of about 32%,
    gaining more customers for you!

Let Summit Create an Email Campaign that will retain existing customers and bring new ones to your door!