Services: Marketing Plans and Budgets

A goal without a plan is just a wish.  For Summit's full-service clients, the annual marketing plan and budget is the staple for a successful year.  We consider it the glue that holds all aspects of your marketing and advertising together.  Even so, we find it amazing how many businesses try to operate without this essential tool.  We also find these businesses say the same things:

  • "Our ads in the newspaper look different than our online ads, and our TV ads, and our brochure."
  • "We think our advertising is effective, but we aren't sure."
  • "I don't know what is working and what is not working."
  • "Am I spending too much, or not enough on advertising."

Sound familiar?   Then read on...

The Marketing Plan Process  

We take time to understand your business model, your customers' wants and needs, your customers' buying cycle, your positioning, and many other things that are imperative to your marketing strategy and delivery.  We then develop a very detailed marketing plan that includes specific dates, timelines and responsibilities so that all involved with your marketing, both inside your team and ours, understand their roles and tasks. The plan is tailored to be as simple or robust as your business model requires.

The Marketing Budget 

This is where the numbers meet the actions.  Each activity is broken down by cost so that you have a month-by-month accounting of your marketing investment.  This allows for a much more cohesive marketing plan so that you can easily identify how much you are spending and its return on investment.

The Marketing Results

Over the course of the first year, our client's move from the quotes above, to the quotes below:

  • "There is consistency across all our marketing platforms."
  • "We used to think we were reaching our best customers, now we know."
  • "I am amazed that we actually spent less, but increased sales."
  • "Our management team has been freed up to focus on other things to make us better."