Brand Identity

Target Your Audience with Bull’s-Eye Branding

You might have heard the saying, “What other people say about you behind your back is none your business,” but when it comes to your brand identity, what others are saying about you is your entire business. Your brand is not only the first impression people have of you; it’s an ongoing promise of your values and what you can offer that your competitors can’t.

A successful brand creates an emotional connection with your customers, inspires loyalty, and will motivate them to make a purchase.  

If you don’t have a solid brand identity, potential customers will be left confused, and they’ll move on to someone else.


Our brand identity services can be as comprehensive or as specific as you’d like. We’ll begin with an initial consultation where we’ll get to know you and your business. We’ll ask all the right questions so we can fully understand your product, services, value proposition and audience. Then we’ll thoroughly research your industry and your competitors so we can develop a plan that will target your audience and help you stand out from the crowd.

Your brand identity package can include:

  • Mission Statement
    We’ll help you craft a mission statement so your company and your customers will have a clear idea of your goals and values. 
  • Logo Design + Color Palette
    Our award-winning graphic designers will create a thoughtful logo and color palette that perfectly represent your brand. After your initial consultation, they’ll brainstorm and rough out an array of logo design options and present you with the best options to choose from. Your final logo will be delivered to you in all common electronic formats, so you can use it anywhere from a website to letterhead.
  • Brand Building
    Brand identities don’t end with a mission statement and logo. Summit can help you incorporate your brand through all your marketing collateral, from signage to social media. We can even create a Brand Identity and Guidelines package to ensure that your branding is always consistent.
  • Brand Analytics/Monitoring
    We’ll continue to monitor the response to your brand by tracking performance metrics using Google Analytics, managing your social media and online presence, and more, so you can always make sure that your message is coming across loud and clear. 

Your brand is the first impression the public has of you — make it a good one, but don’t stop there. From logos to collateral materials, our award-winning graphic designers and content writers will ensure your message is one that will keep people talking.