"A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal."- Steve Maraboli

We are proud to be announcing that we are going to be collecting supply donations for those who were affected by the flooding in Canton a couple weeks ago. The flood waters may be gone, but the damage to life and property remains.

Many of our community members lost everything; their homes, their livelihoods, and some even lost their lives. The profound effects of the flooding will take a lot of time for many people to heal from, and that's why we want to help by being a donation site for "Hearts with Hands," a local disaster relief agency located in Asheville, NC.

Our goal is to help those affected by collecting some much needed supplies to aid Canton and the surrounding communities and their residents, and to rebuild hope in our community. While we can't replace momentos, family heirlooms or photos, we can help people get back on their feet with some basic supplies.

We thank you in advance for your kind donations and support, and we look forward to seeing you soon!


8/30/21 to 9/30/21 10AM-4PM, Monday thru Friday, closed on Labor Day.

Please bring donations to Summit Marketing Group at 513 N. Justice St. Hendersonville, NC 28739

ALL items donated must be new and unopened to ensure the safety and cleanliness for those items for use. Used or open goods will not be accepted, including used clothing.

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