Here are some other ways to keep that connection alive with your customers:

- While nothing beats face-to-face contact, video communication is the next best thing! When talking with customers, unless a screen share is crucial, the video should be on because this offers a more personal connection and can help prevent miscommunications with your customers.

- Another great way to utilize video communication is by hosting virtual events. Events show that your company appreciates the work and interests of its customers. Building customer connection takes time, but if you put in the work, you’ll most definitely see relationships flourish!

- Some customers won’t give feedback until they’re asked, so make sure you consistently ask. This opens a line of communication and helps them feel comfortable sharing their thoughts. Offering the option to anonymously give feedback can help give customers a sense of control and make them feel valued without having to identify themselves, especially if their feedback is more critical or from a constructive criticism viewpoint.

- Simply going above and beyond will always improve and maintain the connection with your customer and increase their perception and loyalty to your business. Make your customers feel valued and appreciated. Hold a customer appreciation week, or other event that tells them just how much they mean to you.

- Follow up to earn your customer’s appreciation. This communicates to them that they matter and it also can help identify any poor customer experiences.

- Staying connected through social media like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter by posting consistently or responding promptly to comments and posts, replying to direct messages can be an effective way to stay engaged and in front of your customers.

- Do not underestimate the benefits of sending an email or giving your customer a telephone call to check in! Holding a phone conversation communicates personal attention. Sending a personal email can go a long way in connecting with individual customers and can be a productive way to keep contact with your customers as well.

With that being said, staying connected to your customers, even in a world full of screens can seem overwhelming and challenging, but thankfully with the continued growth in technology, we can appreciate the tools to utilize to keep those connections strong!