1. Organize, and get organized. Part of any business’s success is determined by how organized their marketing plan is. Brainstorm, create a to-do list, an elevator pitch and do research on your target market so that you can tailor your strategies to fit what your customers want. Know what you want to tell potential customers about your business, and explore different media channels as part of your research to determine what platform may be best for you.

2. Get a website. We can’t tell you how important it is to have a great looking website that is also functional. Everyone is online these days. Ensure that when creating a website, you optimize it for both desktop and mobile, as most people are completing searches and shopping from their mobile devices.

3. Leverage social media. This one is also a huge factor to consider. The majority of web traffic is occurring on social media. People look to their friends, family, and look at reviews before they purchase something from you. Social media gives you a unique opportunity to spread messages of your brand and creating buzz and engagement so that you can make more sales. Another plus is that it's free!

4. Set up and claim your business online. There are several ways to do this. Yelp offers this feature, as well as Facebook and others. Information about your business can come from anywhere—don’t you want to be the one to control what gets to your customers?

5. Create local awareness. This could be by attending networking events, trade shows, joining business associations or the Chamber of Commerce in your city, as well as participating in and attending vendor events. Talk to other business owners who are also in your industry and see what they are doing and what is working for them. Once you’ve got some ideas, you can then figure out your own unique selling propositions and other marketing strategies so that your small business can be successful.

6. Offer coupons for free products or services, such as a “try before you buy” campaign and generate excitement amongst customers. This helps you build and retain customers, since by doing this there’s less at stake and it gives you an incredible opportunity to show them your skills, services, products and begin to build that relationship and trust with your target market. Oh, and another thing—doing this gives you the chance to talk with customers and ask for reviews, which will bolster up your position and credibility as a legitimate business.

7. Advertise. Make business cards, flyers, a logo, etc. to get the word out and show your customers why they should choose you and why you are the best company to go for your customer’s needs.

8. Last but not least, ask yourself, “What’s in it for me?” By thinking like a customer, it can help you formulate ways to bring people to your brand, by keeping your content relevant, helpful, and interesting to your customers.

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